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Gerade heute in der BILD-Hamburg gefunden:

Sie suchen ein Auto, mit dem Sie auffallen können?

Möbelhauschef Max Tate aus Heaton in England hat sich einen Autoskooter zum Straßenauto umgebaut. 80-PS_Motor, drei Räder, Scheinwerfer, zwei Sitzplätze usw. "Die Zulassung war nicht leicht, aber jetzt genieße ich die neidischen Blicke der anderen", sagt er.

Gerammt wie beim Autoskooterfahren wird aber nicht. Das Beste ist die Höchstgeschwindigkeit: Der Straßenflitzer schafft 150 km/h!

Bilder und einen englissprachigen Bericht findet Ihr HIER
Hi Claudia,

was haben die in England ja große Chaisen, oder wurde der extra größer gemcht?

Schönen Tag noch

Originally posted by Eike@15.11.2004, 15:31

was haben die in England ja große Chaisen, oder wurde der extra größer gemcht?

Interessante Frage! Laut BILD hat Max Tate sich ja einen "Autoskooter umgebaut". Man müsste da einmal nachhaken, denn da der gute Mann ja Möbelhauschef sein soll, könnte er ja per Email erreichbar sein.
XXL-Chaissen? :chin:
vielleicht wollte er ja noch ne Schrankwand einbauen... :chin:
Echt voll krass :lool: das sieht ja sowas von witzig aus :lool:
Was sich da manche Leute einfallen, naja, solange er zugelassen ist.

Habe da noch einen weiteren englischen Bericht gefunden:

Dodgem car is a scream to drive

THE world's fastest dodgem car has been given the all-clear to be driven on the region's streets after passing its MoT at the second attempt.

Max Tate's sparkly purple bumper car, which emits blue flames from its rear, is capable of reaching 90mph.

Mr Tate, 47, draws astonished looks from other drivers as he travels around in his 1961 dodgem on public roads.

The vehicle, with its 4in windscreen, still has its conduction pole on top and looks like any other fairground fun car.

But beneath the shiny exterior lurks a powerful petrol engine capable of propelling the car faster than more conventional vehicles.

The car, the only fully working road-adapted dodgem in the world, needed special approval from the DVLA before Mr Tate could take it on to the roads.

They examined the car, decided it was a legal motor vehicle and passed it as fit for use on the highway.

Until now, Mr Tate had been forced to leave his 900cc, five-speed fairground car in his garage.

It failed its first MoT on Wednesday because of a defective headlamp, but, after a painstaking search for a new one, the dodgem is back on the streets.

Furniture store owner Mr Tate, of Heaton, Newcastle, said: "I get shocked looks everywhere I go.

"I don't stop the car when people make comments because I would never get anywhere. Sometimes I hide around corners until they've gone.

"As far as I know, it is the only car of its type anywhere in the world.

"It used to be part of a fairground attraction, but it now has a petrol engine that can propel it at 90mph.

"The car only has a 4in windscreen, so travelling even at 40mph is quite an experience. At about 35mph, I can barely breathe."

The dashboard still bears a sticker saying, Passengers are requested to refrain from screaming.

Mr Tate said: "I had to apply for permission from the DVLA to use the car on the road, but they have now passed it so I have all the proper documentation.

"This is not a kit car - it is a genuine dodgem with an engine inside, and I believe it is unique.

"I bought the car from the man who restored it because I've had almost everything other type of car out there at some time or another, and this is completely different.

"Unfortunately, it failed its MoT on a headlamp - and lights for a 1961 dodgem car are not easy to come by."

Mr Tate also drives a 1930s Ford van and a 1950 Mark V Jaguar.

"My wife hasn't seen the dodgem, but she has already refused to get in it," he said.

Mr Tate has yet to hear his two-and-a-half year-old daughter's verdict.[/b]

Quelle: www.thisisthenortheast.co.uk

Vielleicht versuch ich den Text mal zu übersetzen in deutsch, bis morgen.

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