Psycho (Laufgeschäft) Musik!



What is the name of the music/soundtrack of the Psycho laufgeschäft?

In this video a sample behind the sounds of the tree and the house


What is the name?
Interresting Question:
That`s not the Soundtrack of Psycho in Germany?!
In Germany the Soundtrack came from a Horror-Klassiker-but this is musik from Space!:00008286:
Excuse me for my english! I`m out at school for 20 Years . . .:sorry:
Aber in Deutschland hat der Baum nach meinen Beobachtungen nicht so viel gesabbelt!
The music that I hear between minute 2 and 3 could be from Jean-Michel Jarre. (some part of "Oxygen" or "Equinox", I believe.
I`m not shure-but i mean that was the Soundtrack from "Helloween"!

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